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The first blog

Well, actually, I’ve already started with a lie, I’ve written for my business and I did actually have an old blog I started as a tester on my border collie (that is the blog about the dog was the tester – the border collie didn’t read it). Oh and ignore the fact that I got the first one wrong…

So here I am back in the saddle. Starting afresh. I tell so many clients to get online, start blogging, get noticed and then I don’t keep up myself. So now, I am attempting to. Who will read it? Probably no-one, but it keeps the thoughts going and that’s enough for me. If anything I probably want to practice before I announce that I’m doing it, so as not to embarrass myself. You see, I’m no techie, sure amongst friends they think I’m a gadget head but recently I’ve had to get more involved in techie stuff since I’ve been working on a big project. And that’s when I realised there’s a whole other world out there. With a big dividing line. Not that the techies mind you being totally untechie, it’s not like a closed shop or a big nasty ‘clique’ that you need to know a password (ensuring it’s encrypted), nope, these guys are great. They welcome you in and explain things in a non-condascending manner. It’s quite lovely actually.

I went to the DConstruct Conference this year and it was just so cool. So welcoming and so self explanatory. You see the thing with tech is that it’s aimed at the user, a nontech. So it has to equate to plain english (or language of your preference) at some point. And that’s the best bit. That’s why although I’m on the edge of tech, I’m not frightened or a tech outcast, I’m actually quite cool. I know a bit of tech but can still use most of the stuff – so I get to be a user and they’re quite valued so I hear.