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2009 the year of the entrepreneur

Ah… so the new year comes around the corner… here we are 2009. Welcome, welcome, come on in. What pray tell do you have in store for us? Perhaps a bit more recession stuff, mixed with a bit of economic pain eh? Or perhaps the glimmer of light and hope to help build the resolve of hardworking peeps? Hmmm. Who can say?

Personally, I’m looking forward to the new year, generally an optimist I look for the opportunity in most things and I think we have a good chance at turning things around. I see the current economic crisis presents some exciting times for us to rediscover creative thinking, inspiring changes. The high street is struggling that’s true, but then things had to change didn’t they? There’s been a massive swing to internet shopping and large hypermarket-type stores that sell everything… wasn’t there always going to be some major changes?

And whilst I’m on my soap box, what about talking about the fact that without this economic crunch we would have continued down the road of greyness, bog standard, run of the mill mediocrity. High street shops/products/services have managed to merge into a blur of safeness – ‘best we follow our competitors in case we lose custom’… resulting in a pile of standardisation that is boring. In the UK everything looks the same, the shops in the high street are all the same, the products are all the same, the services offered, yep you guessed it, all offer the same.

That’s why the likes of Tescos and Sainsburys and Asda (not to mention Poundland and Wilkinsons) are all doing so well, they worked out a formula for sameness and they deliver it cheaply, which ensures that the customer won’t pay the high street prices anymore – what high street shops offer isn’t different enough to pay more. They don’t deserve our hard earned, highly valued spending money.

Finally the economic crunch brings us a change. NOW is the time for online shopping/services to differ themselves and do it well. Be different, be unique and do it without major overheads. If I have one wish for this year it’s that it brings creativity to the way people approach business and technology. Stop doing what everyone else does – think differently and find the customer or the user that needs your service. The internet is already a massive force with web 2.0 (not to mention 3.0) an everyday activity for millions, the credit crunch in my opinion will galvanise this massive force. A real opportunity presents itself for making your website and your service totally unique.

2009 is a really good time for creative entrepreneurs …just be different, challenge stuff and make a name for yourself. At least you’ll have a good time trying and the costs can be kept to a minimum.