Goodbye blogger, hello wordpress?

OK, here I am, first time on my very own word press blog. I enjoyed the simplicity of blogger and I’m sure if I looked into it there was a lot more I could do with it. But if I’m honest, I kind of though it was a little too simple. So now I’m hitting with the big boys… tiny minnow in a world of blue whales.I’d heard so much about word press of recent that I thought I’d try it.

As my profile states, I know no code, I am (within my own average circle of friends) quite technically minded, so the big question… can I get set up on Word Press without the aid of armbands?

Here goes… please excuse huge gaping mistakes, and wopping great faux pas, but maybe just enjoy the ride of a non-techie-techie playing with a new system. I’m going into the dashboard. I maybe some time.


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