The tough decision: iphone or Orange?

What does a girl do? My contract on orange is coming to an end; it’s been pretty good, no major complaints although it’s a little high on the price, and normally I’d choose a new phone, upgrade and sign up again… instead though I have hit a dilemma. You see my heart is owned by the iphone. Yup, the iphone only available on O2. The same provider I kicked into touch 3 years ago for their horrific customer service… vowing never to return.

There were some rumours that apple were going to get orange in on the act but they all died a death. And so I’m left with the scruples question: do I go back on my word and sell out for an iphone, or do I throw in the towel and put it down to one bad experience giving O2 a second chance and hence get the phone I really want/need/can’t live without…

I’d appreciate anyone who has any advice on the subject giving me a clue based on their experiences. I am very torn. Or if Orange fancy sorting out a deal with Apple I’d really appreciate it…


3 responses to “The tough decision: iphone or Orange?

  1. Go talk it through with somebody in an Orange retail store. They’ll be sure to offer you some great deals, and HTC’s range competes very well with the iPhone, featurewise at least.

  2. iPhone! 😉

  3. Thanks for the suggestions… the good news? Went for the iphone and loving it! Best gadget I’ve had for years (except the mac itself).

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